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MarketReports - Sales potential and forecasts for all relevant product groups

Many of our customers regularly obtain data on the sales performance of their products in order to identify market risks at an early stage through the use of continuous market monitoring. In addition to standard answers from market observations, B+L Market Reporting offers individualized answers for you. You choose the content, such as relevant countries and regions, from our databank, and we put together an individualized report for you. We will also send regular, desired updates for the data in your report.

This option is available to those who are subscribed to our GlobalBuildingMonitor. There you can create your own Reports from the available data and profit from the automatic updates, which you receive via e-mail.

You define your markets of interest, and B+L supports you with a regular, up-to-date Report sent to you without delay. B+L Market Reporting also makes it possible to easily compare countries – you decide whichever countries or products you want to compare!

Along with the following information and products, we also individualized answers. And we are happy to integrate client-specific data or product information in the Market Report.


Here is a short description of how you can build your own Market Report:

B+L MarketReporting_manual.pdf

Our MarketReports include the following contents:

  • 3 year product forecasts
  • 3 year construction forecast for all countries
  • Performance according to building typ
  • Performance according to special sub-segments
  • Performance of new construction and renovation
  • Price trends and development
  • Sales development and distribution channels
  • General indicators for construction and economic performance
  • 1 to 4 Updates

In what form is the data delivered?

  • PDF
  • xlsx files
  • via online access to the B+L DataPortal*
  • as reports in the comany's own design

These data you can receive:

We supply MarketReportings for these countries/regions:

Construction and product data are available for over 70 countries worldwide. These countries make up more than 90% of the global construction volume. The list of countries can be found here.


Case Studies

  • Pitched roof performance Germany 2013-2017
  • MFC sales performance 2006-2017 for 27 European countries (including HR, SI, CZ and GR)
  • Sales performance for insulation 2008-2019 worldwide (APAC, EMEA, LATAM, NAFTA)

If you are interested in a market report for your product, please contact André Mazloum or Jens Wehenkel.They are available to answer your questions or to make you an offer.

Individualized market data portals for associations and companies

Associations provide their members synergy in the area of information collection, also for market data.

We create an individualized Market Report for members of various associations in the construction supply industry. For this purpose, additional specialized product data are collected and made available to members.

Some reports are prepared or the data are made available in the portal.

The same can be done for enterprises or companies. In this way all colleagues access the same information pool. All chosen personnel then automatically receive a Market Report from the B+L GBM Portal.

Increasingly, however, corporations are also using the (XML) interface to access our database, as well as allowing us to incorporate our market data and forecasts into in-house information systems (such as Power BI).



*) In the B+L DataPortal, the GlobalBuildingMonitor, we display all relevant data for construction activity worldwide. There you receive:

  • Presentation-ready Reports
  • Individualized analysis and presentation of the Data
  • Optimization of internal company data collection
  • Database-supported and automatically created Reports
  • Reports in PowerPoint format in the company-specific design
  • Technical data analysis and display of surveys
  • Datentechnische Auswertung und Darstellung von Umfragen
  • Visualization of geocoded data, e.g. in map view


The data are available in several formats, including reports, presentations, xls. For more information about our GlobalBuildingMonitor, click here:




Your contact

André Mazloum
Tel.: +49 228 62987-18
Email: AM@BL2020.com


Jens Wehenkel
Tel.: +49 228 62987-33
Email: JW@BL2020.com