Study: B+L Market Study Photovoltaics Netherlands 2027

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The installation of photovoltaic (PV) solutions is gaining importance in many European markets. In Germany, for example, some federal states have made PV installations mandatory in new buildings and it is very likely that other federal states will follow suit with their legislation. A comparable increase in importance can also be observed for numerous other European markets.
B+L has been analysing the European markets for PV solutions for many years. Complementing this existing knowledge, we conducted an extensive market study (e.g. sales, forecasts, competitors) on building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) in 2020. Accordingly, we have already gathered various insights into the PV markets that could be used as a starting point for the market study.
Within the scope of the present study, the photovoltaic sales and applications were investigated.

Data status: February 2024

The study is based on interviews with

  • Installers such as roofers, solar technicians, etc.
  • Architects, specialist planners, specialist dealers, etc.
  • property owners who have installed PV solutions

Custom-made research:

We would be happy to compile the information required for several countries according to your requirements. As we have carried out a large number of detailed analyses in this product area in recent years, you can obtain a greater depth of detail in terms of products, applications, target groups and distribution channels at short notice.

Call me or write me your exact data and information needs.

 B+L Market Study Photovoltaics Netherlands 2027
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