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The term "serial building" has been experiencing a renaissance for some years now. While the serial building of the last decades is nowadays often associated with a lack of individuality, serial building is today the bearer of hope in terms of a shortening of construction time, a reduction of construction costs and the creation of living space in conurbations. In serial construction, a distinction must be made between serially planned buildings (house types, standardised floor plans, etc.) and serially executed/constructed buildings (use of prefabricated wall elements, room modules, etc.). Furthermore, in the case of serial execution, both 2D solutions (prefabricated wall elements, ceiling elements) and 3D solutions (prefabricated room modules) can be used.

The market study looks at the market size for the various construction methods of serial construction, including forecasts up to the year 2026. In addition to mapping the overall market, the shares of the individual solutions (2D vs. 3D solutions) and the materials used (timber construction, reinforced concrete, lightweight steel construction, others) are shown.

 B+L Market Study Serial Building Germany
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