Study: B+L Market and Competitor Analysis Room Modules Germany

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Prefabricated room modules are often seen as a beacon of hope in the creation of living space, because building with room modules is the type of serial construction that can save the most time due to the extensive prefabrication. Various projects in both residential and non-residential construction have demonstrated the possibilities and opportunities of this construction method. Flexibility is also shown with regard to the materials used: lightweight steel constructions are used just as much for room modules as wood or concrete solutions. With increasing acceptance in the market and increasing automation in production, room modules will gain in importance in the future.
The market study takes a detailed look at the market and competitive situation for room modules and provides data on the market size, including forecasts up to 2025. In addition to depicting the market as a whole, the study also shows the shares and the buildings constructed with room modules made of lightweight steel construction, solid wood / cross laminated timber, timber frame construction and concrete. In addition, the study provides insights into module sizes, project processes and the price structure of the solutions. Competitors are also presented and examined with regard to their turnover, production capacities, project focus, etc.

 B+L Market and Competitor Analysis Room Modules  Germany
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