Study: B+L Timber Construction Trends Germany 2026

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The timber construction is in motion: In recent years, the proportion of buildings constructed in timber construction in Germany has increased significantly. This development does not only affect the single-family house. Increasingly, multi-storey residential buildings are also being constructed from wood. The materials used are changing (keyword: cross laminated timber trend) and the companies carrying out the work are also changing. A short construction period due to prefabrication and the perception of timber construction by many building owners as an ecological method of construction give further impetus to German timber construction.

Similar to the entire construction supply industry, timber construction is also confronted with digitalisation. In addition to the serial planning of type houses or structural types, the aspect of automated prefabrication of elements and modules is discussed in particular. Here, there are far-reaching opportunities for increasing efficiency and creating affordable living space.

In addition to current developments, drivers and challenges in timber construction, the study analyses sales and forecasts for the individual products in detail.

 B+L Timber Construction Trends Germany 2026
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