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The latest edition of the B+L outlook interior doors presents detailed market data on the interior doors market. In addition to the standard 3-year forecasts for medium-term planning, the outlook also has an application for short-term planning. This decision-making tool shows the relationship between building permits and the development of door leaf production in Germany. This long-term development will be significantly influenced by the demographic changes in Germany.
Basic construction data: In addition to the developments in the new-build and renovation sectors, the serious situation with respect to skilled workers (carpenters) is also examined.
Market volumes: The analysis shows the market volumes and developments with respect to the different types of door surface (veneer, foil-coated, etc.). 3-year forecasts are presented for all product groups. The forecasts take account not only of the estimates of distributors and manufacturers, but also the effects on the door market of changes in the new-build and renovation sectors.
Distribution structures: The importance of the various distribution channels is examined, eg. DIY stores, and wholesale and retail outlets.
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 B+L outlook interior doors Germany 2024
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