Study: B+L outlook wood in the garden Netherlands 2024

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Market analysis for garden wood and garden houses with development trend forecast for the coming 3 years. The study presents all the relevant market- and branch data in detail and shows the forecast for the coming three years. All the marketing stages are being examined. 
Homebuilding market:
The new building trends of detached and semi-detached houses nationwide are pictured.
Prognosis market volume:
The study shows the market volumes and changes in the different goods groups (structural elements for garden wood products, fence- and ground woods, garden houses, carports etc.) All goods groups are defined precisely and 3-year trend forecasts have been made for each of them.
Distribution Structures:
The channels of supply and distribution for e.g. carports differ considerably from e.g. the sight shields. For that reason, the channels of distribution were studied separately. The significance of DIY stores as a channel of distribution are also examined.

Supplier information: The study shows all the relevant suppliers of the market. It separates between the specialists for garden wood and for garden houses. The market shares of the main distributors are determined.

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 B+L outlook wood in the garden Netherlands 2024
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