Study: B+L study: building and housing following Corona Germany

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The COVID 19 pandemic is accelerating various developments due to the changed living and working conditions:
Inner-city space is about to be transformed by the digitalisation push. The trend towards e-commerce will have a direct impact on the scale and design of retail locations. In addition, the increasing importance of home offices means that the need for office space is decreasing.
But it is not only commercial construction that is facing change. In residential construction, there is already an increasing trend towards single-family homes. Proximity to the workplace is becoming less important, especially since building land near the city is scarce and the still rising property prices meanwhile exclude many interested parties from buying their own home. Many households are currently expanding their search radius and new regions outside the cities are becoming the focus of their property search.
The study summarises the current developments and identifies the changed housing needs:

 B+L study: building and housing following Corona Germany
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