Study: ESG and sustainability in the construction industry Poland (data status 2021, reduced price)

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Sustainability is of particular relevance for the construction industry. On the one hand, the industry is benefiting from the measures for energy-efficient renovation with increasing product sales of heating systems, windows and insulation materials. On the other hand, the industry is under pressure to find solutions to deal with the need for raw materials, the (partly) CO2- and energy-intensive production and the waste issue (equally in new construction and in the renovation / deconstruction of buildings). The pricing of CO2 emissions also poses additional challenges to the industry, especially in the area of cement products and construction chemicals.

However, the topic of sustainability goes far beyond ecology: far-reaching approaches such as the ESG criteria (environment, social, governance) are not only changing the perspective on companies in the building supply industry. Increasingly, investors are asking how sustainably the companies operate and work in terms of these criteria. Sustainability issues are also gaining importance among end consumers. Aspects such as the absence of harmful pollutants or anti-allergenic products become increasingly important.

In 2019, B+L has surveyed the demand for ecological and sustainable produced building materials among professionals and private end consumers (home builders / renovators) in a Europe-wide comparison for the first time. The update of this study for Germany and Poland will be published in April 2021. Compared to 2019, the concept of the study has been expanded to include the topic ESG. Furthermore, the study examines in detail steps and approaches (best practices) taken by the building supply industry to match the demand for sustainable solutions.

For many indicators, comparisons between the 2019 survey and the current study are included to show trends and developments.

In addition to extensive research in sustainability reports, publications and press coverage, the study is based on interviews with

  • Renovators and home builders
  • Building contractors and craftsmen
  • Additional expert interviews with building suppliers and traders

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 ESG and sustainability in the construction industry Poland (data status 2021, reduced price)
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