Market Due Diligence

Market Due Diligence

Professional assessment of companies from a market perspective.

These projects include speed, qualified market forecasts, and market shares for all European lands within a four week period, a feat which can only be achieved with constantly cultivated market models as the basis for client-specific analysis.” Robin Huth, Head of Market Research.


Due Diligence: questions, assessment, and decisions with the help of market data.

• How will the market of the customer develop in the coming years?

• What is the degree of awareness that should be required of companies for different products and country markets?

• Which product segments have disproportionate growth opportunities in the coming years?

• Which countries in the world have the strongest market growth in the years of repayment of an investment?


For these and further questions in the realm of Due Diligence, B+L provides carefully researched and verified data. The structure and forecast horizon of the collected data are tailored to your needs. For an internal discussion of the data, we are available for a half-day workshop.


With our data you can:

• Verify given numerical data and expand on different scenarios

• Make in-depth assessments of sales, exchange, and average price developments in all markets around the world.

• Estimate the intensity of competition activities in different regions.


We cannot make your decisions, but we can support you with facts and assure you of your conclusions. We also interpret these facts with you and your desired information structure in mind.



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