B+L Opportunity Investigation

B+L Opportunity Investigation

Strategic decisions require reliable information: In order to monitor your market entry or the introduction of new products or to check the reputation of a product, we carry out market opportunity investigations. The aim of such a study is to provide data for your decision-making and, for example, to prepare a growth strategy.

The B+L Market Opportunity Investigation is essentially based on six steps:

  • Analysis of decision processes during product use
  • Determination of the overall market of competitive products
  • Study of openness to the new product or brand
  • Evaluation of the characteristics of the product under investigation and of the competitive products
  • Calculation of the possible market share of the product under investigation
  • Presentation of the relevant competitors and their product portfolios

Based on two independent models, the potential sales of the investigated product or brand are analyzed. With the help of the B+L Construction Database, which keeps current figures and forecasts for construction activity for all types of buildings, the market potential is also forecast for up to 5 years. The forecasts are based on the assessment of the construction and renovation business (determined by regular consumer and target group surveys) and the development of the relevant framework conditions.

The investigation is essentially based on telephone interviews with relevant decision makers. These can be architects, planners, contractors, fabricators or other participants. Further expertise comes from the B+L product studies, which B+L carries out for almost all areas of the construction supply industry. This puts B+L in contact with industry, trade and commerce. These experiences flow into the market opportunity investigation.

Market opportunity investigations have been done so far, among other fields, in:

  • Façade
  • Precast concrete
  • Wood-based materials

We will gladly prepare an individual offer based on your area of interest.

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