B+L Talks

B+L Talks


Our team is available to give presentations in the context of strategy meetings, conferences, association meetings, or customer events.


Presentation information from late 2014 to 2021:


  • Kern-Haus Annual Conference, September 2022: Building in the future


  • hagebau GaLaBau innovativ trade congress, June 2022: Market forecast and future prospects in gardening and landscaping


  • Rosenheim Door and Gate Days, Rosenheim, May 2022: The market in Europe and Great Britain - impact of the pandemic on the markets


  • Remmers International Building Waterproofing Conference, April 2022: Market of the future - drivers & trends


  • Eurobaustoff Fachgruppentagung Holz, March 2022: Holzbautrends 2030


  • Remmers Building Waterproofing Conference, March 2022: Market of the future - drivers & trends


  • International Winter Garden Seminar, February 2022: Outlook on new construction and renovation until 2025. Is building and living with glass still up-to-date?


  • Round Table "Future Timber Market", January 2022: Wood products - scenario of market development


  • GC Partner Conference, Bremen, November 2021: Market report trends and torecasts for the new construction and renovation markets


  • Knauf Partner Days, November 2021: Green Deal and construction development - construction development 2022 outlook


  • BayWa Drywall Network Meeting, Würzburg, November 2021: Market data and forecasts


  • ISOLAR Autumn Meeting, November 2021: Construction forecasts 2022ff


  • Creaton Future Day, October 2021: Market trend digitalisation - How is the industry developing?


  • FEB e. V. General Meeting, Ulm, October 2021: This has never happened before! Procurement markets out of control! What's next?


  • 14th European Congress (EBH), Cologne, October 2021: Global | National | Regional - How will the construction industry change


  • German Timber Congress 2021, October 2021: First CORONA, then the timber boom: Is the counter-trend coming now?


  • Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau e.V. , September 2021: Market outlook timber construction


  • Landesverband Niedersachsen/Bremen e.V., September 2021: Is the renovation boom coming with the Green Deal? Construction forecasts until 2023


  • E/D/E digital industry update, September 2021: Will the construction boom continue in 2022? Trends and forecasts for the new construction and renovation market


  • FPX Industry Dialogue, Berlin, September 2021: Construction market situation and forecast


  • 2nd German Timber Construction Congress (DHK) Berlin, August 2021: How do "green" policies change construction development until 2025? New construction and refurbishment forecast under new auspices.


  • MDH, June 2021: Market development timber trade


  • Digital Timber Trade Day hagebau, June 2021: Current market and competitive situation


  • Bundes-Gütegemeinschaft Montagebau und Fertighäuser, June 2021: Price explosion for building materials - where is the journey heading?


  • Round table "Future timber market", May 2021: Impulse lecture "Scenarios of market development"


  • Holzbauforum 2020, Berlin, März 2020: Quo vadis, timber construction? Development possibilities of timber construction in the next years


  • Fenster-Türen-Treff 2020, Holzforschung Austria, Salzburg, März 2020: New building and renovation development: What does this mean for window and front door sales?


  • JAF Ländermeeting, Stockerau, Februar 2020: Construction development and forecasts


  • BayWa Bauforum, Leipzig, Februar 2020: Market data and forecast


  • FeuerTrutz Trend 2020, Köln, Februar 2020: Construction development Germany - outlook for 2021 and 2022


  • Allgäuer Baufachkongress 2020, Oberstdorf, Januar 2020: The latest development in the construction industry


  • Forum Holzbau 2019, Innsbruck, Dezember 2020: Market potentials for serial and modular construction; Marcel Dresse


  • Rosenheimer Fenstertage 2019, Rosenheim, October 2019: The European window market - winners and losers


  • Zukunft Trockenbau Ausbau, Berlin, September 2019: Market data 2020 - Outlook for the construction industry


  • EURO-MAT Forum, Florence, May 2019: Renovation markets in europe: results from a cross-country comparison; Marcel Dresse


  • 10. Fliesen & Platten-Forum, Cologne, February 2019: New building and renovation view: The tile market until 2021


  • 11th European Congress 2018, Cologne, October 2018


  • Rosenheimer Fenstertage 2018, Rosenheim, October 2018: Window renovation trends 2018


  • 12. Kölner Gespräche 2018, Cologne, September 2018: Impact of demographic development on the DIY capabilities of German consumers.


  • BKF Conference 2018, Berlin, June 2018: Building and Flooring Outlook Germany to 2020


  • VDPM Unternehmerforum 2018, Hamburg, April 2018: Housing construction and energetic modernisation - Facts and forecasts


  • Rettenmeier Zunftholz Merchant's Day 2018, Jena, February 2018: Timber Construction Perspective 2022 - Opportunities and Risks for the Timber Trade


  • ERLUS AG Annual Meeting, Essenbach, January 2018: Construction Growth 2018 - Opportunities and Risks for the Construction Supply Industry


  • International Timber Construction Forum 2017, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, December 2017: Timber Construction Potential 2020: What can be expected from new construction?


  • Floating Screed Forum 2017, Stimpfach-Rechenberg, October 2017: “Where will the construction boom stay? Analysis of construction development and the outlook of 2018.”


  • Knauf AG, Basel, September 2017: “Construction development to 2021 – Perspective for Switzerland.”


  • International Timber Construction Forum 2017, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, December 2017: “Wood construction potential in 2020: Was is to be expected from new construction?”


  • ift Brandschutzforum 2017, Rosenheim, June 2017: “Construction development as driver for fire protection. Comparison of Europe, Asia, and USA.”


  • Holzring, Leipzig; June 2017. “Structural analysis of wood commerce 2017.”


  • ISOLAR Glas, Berlin, May 2017: “Our market in numbers – What is foreseeable for the short- and medium-term?”


  • VFF Fachtagung, Frankfurt, March 2017: “Production in Germany including import and export.”


  • Branchentreff Velux Deutschland GmbH, Nuremberg, March 2017: “Construction in the metropolitan regions 2018.”


  • FEB e. V., Cologne, March 2017: “The future of elastic floors – what is in store for us?”


  • Fliesen- & Plattenforum 2017, Cologne, February 2017: “Construction development to 2018: Where will new building boom and where will renovation increase?”


  • Trespa Deutschland GmbH, Roermond, January 2017: “Construction development 2017/2018.”


  • International Timber Construction Forum 2016, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, December 2016: “Europe in numbers – construction development to 2018.”


  • Gesamtverband Deutscher Holzhandel e. V., Wörth, November 2016: “Target groups of the future.”


  • FEB e. V., Cologne, October 2016: “Construction development in the region D / A / CH | Renovation in DE and AT | Floor coatings in DE.”


  • ift Rosenheim, Rosenheimer Tür- und Tortage 2016 (Doors and Gates 2016),; June 2016: “Recent trends in the European domestic market as drivers for the door and gate market.”


  • W. & L. Jordan GmbH, Kassel, April 2016: “Market development for floor coatings and doors in the region D / A / CH in the coming five years?”


  • Holzbauforum Bruderverlag, Berlin, April 2016: “Market observation: Opportunities in the market for multi-storey wood construction.”


  • Hagebau Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe mbH & Co. KG, Soltau, February 2016: "New construction and renovation prospects for timber construction 2016"


  • Saint-Gobain Glass Deutschland GmbH, Aachen, February 2016: "What drives the window and door market in Austria through 2017? 


  • Verlagsgesellschaft Rudolf Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne, February 2016: "How is the tile market profiting from the construction boom in the major cities through 2017." 


  • Sprint Sanierung GmbH, Cologne, January 2016: "Market trends and developments in building renovation" 


  • MDH Marketingverbund für deutsche Holzfachhändler GmbH, Erfurt, December 2015: "How will the market for the timber trade develop in the next few years?" 


  • GFF Praxistage, Karlsruhe, November 2015: "New and renovated buildings in Germany have an impact on the window industry"


  • Carl Götz GmbH, Neu-Ulm, October 2015: "What growth markets does the timber trade offer in 2016?"


  • Planungsgruppe MM, Böblingen, June 2015: "Performance and forecast of non-residential construction in Europe through 2017 – as it relates to technical building equipment"


  • Alukönigstahl, Wien, June 2015: Construction performance in German-speaking areas as it relates to the facade market


  • ift Brandschutztage, Nürnberg, June 2015: "Performance of the market for new construction in Central Europe as a driver for the fire protection market through 2017."


  • Bruderverlag, Köln, panel of experts May 2015: "Multi-storey buildings with wood"


  • Fachverband Schloss und Beschlag, Velbert, May 2015: "Lecture on the performance of the renovation sector and the construction forecast for Germany through 2016."


  • Hagebau Holzhandelstag, Hamburg, April 2015: Lecture on the B+L renovation study 2015


  • Windays (Fenstertage Schweiz), Biel, March 2015: Lecture on construction performance in Europe which impacts window sales


  • Holzbauforum Garmisch, December 2014: Presentation of the B + L study "Timber Insights 2015"



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