B+L Purchasing Analysis

B+L Purchasing Analysis

Target group oriented bundling and addressing of processors is becoming increasingly important in the supplier industry. In order to implement a consistent focus on one’s own target groups, reliable information regarding the structure, main areas of activity, and material requirements is required.

For this specific question, we have conceptualized the B+L Purchasing Analysis. This provides you with the relevant information, for example, to create a core stock assortment. Not only can this new assortment be created, but an existing supply structure can also be checked.

The following questions are answered in the main focus:

  • What activities do the processors perform (in addition to their core work)?
  • Which materials do the processors typically buy?
  • What share do the individual assortment groups have in material processing?
  • How often are the individual materials purchased?
  • Where are the materials based?

The study not only provides a detailed list of the relevant assortments and products, but also helps to understand the structures and trends within the target group. At the core of the study are various surveys conducted in a mixed method of personal, telephone and postal interviews.

The experience gained from the numerous B+L product studies is considered in the investigation and helps to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the material requirements.

The B+L Purchasing Analysis has already been implemented for the following trades and can be transferred to other areas:

  • Roofing
  • Facades
  • Timber
  • Interiors
  • Drywall

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