B+L renovation 2019

B+L renovation studies for Austria and Switzerland

- current surveys by B+L on two further refurbishment markets in Europe

In Austria and Switzerland, inventory measures account for over 50 % of construction investments in residential construction and thus represent the most important sales market in many product groups. At the same time, the target groups are changing with regard to their product preferences, information sources and the implementation of measures. These changes bring challenges for the construction supply industry and trade. In order to take these issues into account, we have used the successful study concept we have already implemented several times for the German market to investigate the refurbishment in Austria and Switzerland. The use of comparable methods enables us to examine the markets and trends examined in a direct comparison of countries.

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The structure of the studies is divided into 8 building areas (roof, exterior wall, facade, heating, floors, interior doors, bathroom, interior walls), which are further differentiated. For example, individual measures such as new roofing, gutter replacement, the installation of a dormer window, the installation or replacement of roof windows, etc. are considered for the roof area. These areas are analysed in detail, for example with regard to motivations, budgets or the consultants and information sources used.

The Swiss are much less likely to carry out renovation work, but the average budget used for the measures is higher (higher prices and higher-quality products are keywords here) than in Austria. „A comparison of the countries shows not only clear differences in the frequency of refurbishment, but also with regard to product preferences and refurbished building areas,“ says study author Marcel Dresse. For example, younger refurbishers are much more likely to remove the attic than older refurbishers. Measures that only pay for themselves over time are also more common in the younger age groups. With regard to the graph, a commentary on refurbishment in the UK is of course essential: Frequent removals create renovation potential. As the study results show, the British replace the products much earlier than the continental Europeans. About the studies The B+L renovation study has been investigating the market for renovations and refurbishments in Germany since 2010. The study was carried out for the first time in Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom and for the second time in Austria. By examining various aspects, the study offers a comprehensive look at the subject of refurbishment. In addition to the total volume of refurbishment and the measures carried out, key figures on buildings, refurbishers and decision-making processes are presented. All products relevant for the refurbishment were examined in detail. The data collection for the renovation studies is based on online surveys of private renovators as well as on supplementary interviews with processors and architects / planners.
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1  Introduction - market for renovation and maintenance Austria (Switzerland)

2  Drivers of renovation and maintenance (phase of life / age, public subsidies, wearing, etc.)

3  Overview on renovation and maintenance activities 2019

3.1 Renovation budgets at a glance

3.2 Renovation volume 2017

4  Processing structure

4.1 Number of processors

4.2 Number of employees

4.2 Number of apprentices

4.2 Revenue development

5  Renovation in residential construction

5.1 Age structure and regional distribution of renovators

5.2 Socio-demographics of the renovators

6  Renovation and maintenance in detail

6.1 Roof

6.1.1 Measure – Which parts of the roof were renovated?

6.1.2 Buildings – In which building type was the renovation done?

6.1.3 Builders / house owners – Characteristics and socio-demographics

6.1.4 Budget – How much was spent for the measure?

6.1.5 Reasons and motivation for renovation and maintenance

6.1.6 Advisor and information sources in choosing products – How did the builder inform on products and applications?

6.1.7 Realisation of the measure – Was the measure realised by craftsmen or DIY?

6.1.8 Importance of product features

6.2 Exterior walls and facades (subitems similar to 6.1 roof)

6.3 Windows and doors (subitems similar to 6.1 roof)

6.4 Flooring (Parkett, Laminat, Teppich, Fliesen, PVC/Vinyl) (subitems similar to 6.1 roof)

6.5 Sanitation / Bathrooms (subitems similar to 6.1 roof)

6.6 Installations of interior walls (subitems similar to 6.1 roof)

6.7 Interior doors (subitems similar to 6.1 roof)

6.8 Heating (subitems similar to 6.1 roof)

7  Top Trends renovation and maintenance 2019 in Austria (Switzerland)

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