B+L renovation 2018

B+L renovation and maintenance studies for Germany, France and United Kingdom

- current investigations by B+L on the major refurbishment markets in Europe

Building stock measures account for more than 50% of construction investment in residential construction in France and the UK, making them the most important markets in many product groups. At the same time, renovators are also undergoing structural changes that affect product preferences, sources of information and the implementation of measures. For the investigation of the renovation markets of France and Great Britain, we use study concepts which we have already successfully implemented several times for the German market. The assurance of comparable methods allows for the consideration of the examined markets and trends in a direct country to country comparison.

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Since the 2018 study was conducted for the fifth time, many aspects can be compared over a period of 8 years. The study is divided in its structure into 8 building areas (roof, exterior wall & facade, heating, floors, interior doors, bathroom, interior walls). These areas will be further differentiated in many places. In the area of roofing, for example, individual measures such as new roofing, gutter replacement, installation of a dormer window, and the installation or replacement of skylights, etc. have been considered. The current B + L renovation study 2018 focuses on the topic of deferred refurbishment. While new construction grew significantly in 2016 and 2017, the renovation process is declining in many areas. Renovation projects are postponed or suspended, leading to negative consequences for sales of the relevant products. The B + L Renovation Study 2018 analyzes this development, showing the volume of deferred remediation and the significance for the respective product areas. At the same time, causes and recommendations for action are discussed.

1 Introduction -market for renovation and maintenance

2 Drivers of renovation and maintenance (phase of life / age, public subsidies, wearing, etc.)

3 Overview on renovation and maintenance activities

4 Socio-demographics of builders

5 Renovation and maintenance in detail

5.1 Roof

5.1.1. Measure – Which parts of the roof were renovated?

5.1.2. Buildings – In which building type was the renovation done?

5.1.3. Builders / house owners – Characteristics and socio-demographics

5.1.4. Budget – How much was spent for the measure?

5.1.5. Reasons and motivation for renovation and maintenance

5.1.6. Advisor and information sources in choosing products – How did the builder inform on products and applications?

5.1.7. Realisation of the measure – Was the measure realised by craftsmen or DIY?

5.1.8. Importance of product features

5.2 Exterior walls and facades (subitems similar to 5.1 roof)

5.3 Windows and doors (subitems similar to 5.1 roof)

5.4 Heating (subitems similar to 5.1 roof)

5.5 Flooring (subitems similar to 5.1 roof)

5.6 Interior doors (subitems similar to 5.1 roof)

5.7 Sanitation / Bath rooms (subitems similar to 5.1 roof)

5.8 Installations of interior walls (subitems similar to 5.1 roof)

6 Top Trends renovation and maintenance 2018

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