The main emphasis of the B+L Outlooks are on construction and housing. The door, window, roof, insulating materials, and flooring markets as well as wood and other construction-related products have been regenerated for all relevant European countries. 

The B+L Marktdaten GmbH studies follow a strict design to ensure quality. First, the development of country-specific building industries is determined. Residential and non-residential are then differentiated. The renovation sector is also considered and represented.

Second, market potentials, forecasts, supplier and manufacturer information as well as country-specific distribution channels for the specific product group are provided. Lastly, each study is completed with a management summary of the most important results.

You can search for a study of a product you are interested in by filling in the search field below or by clicking on one of the terms on this page. If a product of your interest is not shown, please do not hesitate to contact us. With our combined experience of over 15 years in the construction industry, we can prepare a study according to your individual requirements in a reasonable amount of time. Contact Jens Wehenkel for an offer without any obligations: +49 228 62987-33.

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  • Accoya),
  • aluminum-carport,
  • BPC,
  • BSH,
  • Building with room modules,
  • carcassing timber,
  • carport,
  • Carports,
  • Childrens playing equipments,
  • Coated Particleboard,
  • Concrete,
  • cross laminated timber,
  • cross laminated timber trend,
  • Distribution Channels,
  • Douglas fir,
  • Douglas fir/larch (yellow deck),
  • Export development,
  • Fences,
  • garden furniture from wood,
  • garden sheds,
  • hybrid construction,
  • Import development,
  • imprednated wood,
  • impregnated spruce/fir (KDI/green decks),
  • KVH,
  • larch,
  • Lightweight steel construction,
  • Market volume OSB,
  • MDF,
  • medium density fibre board,
  • modified wood,
  • modified wood (Thermodecks,
  • OSB,
  • Particleboard,
  • Prefabrication,
  • prefabrication,
  • Raw Particleboard,
  • Solid wood,
  • steel-carport,
  • Terrace decks,
  • terrace decks,
  • Timber frame construction,
  • tropical wood,
  • tropical wood (brown decks),
  • view screens,
  • wood-carport,
  • WPC,
  • WPC terrace decks
  • Basic construction report

    Chemistry in building and construction

    The housing industry

    Sustainable construction materials


    Construction elements

    House and buildings technology

    Serial construction

    Renovation market


    Facade products



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