B+L Surveys

B+L Surveys

We conduct surveys in various contexts of the construction supply industry and can refer to numerous previously completed projects. Accordingly, we offer different methods which are customized to each project’s specific requirements. Depending on the questions, quantitative or qualitative surveys may be most suitable. Depending on the target group, telephone surveys or online surveys will lead to better results. The know-how of B+L does not end with the collection of data: We also undertake the quality assurance of the data as well as the graphic processing and depiction of results in a detailed report. In recent years, we have conducted numerous surveys in the B2B sector at an international level. For international research, added emphasis is placed on the direct cooperation of the project manager/s with the native-speaker interviewers. Only in this way can it be ensured that reliable findings, which are comparable across country borders, are obtained from these surveys. We would gladly work with you to create an individual survey concept that meets your needs.

Example Project – B+L Target Group Analysis

The construction industry is subject to constant change. This is most clearly seen in the target groups for construction projects. While the dominance of the “Do-It-Yourself” was proclaimed just a few years ago, it is now more often and accurately called “Do-It-For-Me.” Therefore, it is all the more important to continuously observe and systematically analyze the target groups for their products. Target group analyses such as structural investigations help you to identify, describe and address your customers or individual customer segments. Through this, the basis for an effective and efficient marketing and communication strategy is formed.

Possible questions include:

  • What do planners and craftsmen see as the strengths and weaknesses of their products?
  • What motivates designers and craftsmen to choose your product?
  • What services do planners and processors want?
  • What information sources does the target group use?
  • Which orders are carried out by the target group?
  • How are company sizes and work priorities changing?

Additional surveys in our portfolio include:

  • Product awareness studies
  • B2C – Surveys of end customers
  • Customer satisfaction surveys


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