B+L Zukunftsforum 2019

on 03 July 2019 in Cologne

The construction development from the point of view of B+L

July 03, 2019

09:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

FOM University, Agrippinawerft 4, Cologne

The construction volume in Western Europe grew significantly between 2016 and 2018. But now some early warning indicators are sounding the alarm and we are beginning to lower our forecasts. These questions are becoming more pressing:

  • How severe will the decline be in Switzerland?
  • When and how will Brexit hit construction?
  • What is the impact of Brexit on the continent, e.g. the Netherlands?
  • How strong is the impact of the labour shortage on completions (also in Eastern Europe)?
  • Are developments in Sweden and Finland tipping over?
  • Scenario: To what extent can a European recession slow down construction activity?
  • Which growth markets will drive development until 2022?

In addition to these construction forecasts, we present some new studies that are currently in progress:

  • Modular building as a solution to the shortage of living space? On the status of prefabrication and modular construction in the European comparison of countries
  • Status quo in the portfolio: When will the refurbishment markets get going again?

And of course our reviews on my personal TOP topic: Digitization

  • Will there be an alternative to multi-channel distribution for the industry?
  • Which platforms in B2C and B2B are to be taken seriously besides Amazon?
  • Which business models and technologies have the potential to change the construction supply market?


09:15 am: Check-in and reception


09:30 to 10:00 am: How severe and how long will the global downturn last?
Outlook for the global economy and global trade up to 2021
Dr. Marcus Schütz | B+L Marktdaten GmbH
10:00 to 10:20 am: Can the global construction industry decouple itself from the downturn?
World Construction Outlook 2021 - Construction development in the world regions EMEA / NAFTA / LATAM and APAC until 2021 with analysis of drivers and risks
Martin Langen | B+L Marktdaten GmbH
10:20 to 11:00 am: Will the new building boom in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands continue or will we follow Switzerland into the downturn?
New building prognosis according to building types and regions D / A / CH / NL until 2021 - Causal analysis of the new building boom in DE, AT, NL and evaluation of the development in CH
Martin Langen | B+L Marktdaten GmbH

11:00 to 11:30 am: coffee break


11:30 to 11:50 am: How do we create further growth? Market development from the point of view of the largest "client" in Germany and the Netherlands.
This is the largest single customer in the construction supply industry. Panel discussion with Carl Smeets (branch manager bpd Cologne):
1. Where does he see growth in the coming years? More inner-city or more suburban?
2. With which house types and building types and apartment sizes does he see his growth in the next few years in Germany?
3. Which regions will be the focus in the coming years?
4. How does he compare project development from the Netherlands to Germany? Where are the main differences?
Carl Smeets | bpd and Martin Langen | B+L Marktdaten GmbH
11:50 to 12:30 pm: How sharp is the slump in construction activity in Western Europe?
Building forecasts for FR / IT / UK / ES / BE / DK / SE in detail and in comparison until 2021
The study examines residential and non-residential construction according to building types. Each country has different drivers, which we expose in this speculation. Also the importance and guiding function of the state for the building activity is very different...
Robin Huth and Jens Wehenkel | B+L Marktdaten GmbH

12:30 to 1:30 pm: Businesslunch


1:30 to 2:00 pm: Will the new building slow down the renovation throughout Europe?
Comparison of renovation activity DE / AT / CH / FR / UK: Core results of the 3.000 interviews of renovators on measures, motives, execution, material procurement, etc.
Marcel Dresse | B+L Marktdaten GmbH
2:00 to 2:45 pm: Can Eastern Europe decouple itself from the downturn in Western Europe?
Building forecasts for PL / RO / UA / RU / TR / CZ in detail and in comparison until 2021
The study examines residential and non-residential construction according to building types. Poland, Russia and Turkey will be particularly highlighted as they are of great importance for the development of the whole region.
Philipp Szelest and Martin Langen | B+L Marktdaten GmbH
2:45 to 3:05 pm: Is the Gulf region facing a great loss of importance (keyword: turning away from oil)?
Outlook on the Middle East and the Gulf until 2021
Marcel Dresse | B+L Marktdaten GmbH

3:05 to 3:25 pm: coffee break


3:25 to 3:40 pm: “Digitization from the point of view of a project developer - more than just process optimization?"
Carl Smeets | bdp
3:40 to 4:15 pm: How strongly and how quickly are distribution channels and products changing as a result of digitization? What level has online sales actually reached?
Presentation of the current investigations and assessments of the B+L. B2B and B2C business are considered separately (although certain mergers can be observed). The 100 main product groups of the construction supply industry are strongly affected by these change processes? For power tools and workwear, the channels have already shifted considerably, but what about the 98 other product groups such as sawn timber and plasterboard?
Martin Langen | B+L Marktdaten GmbH
4:15 to 4:30 pm: exchange of experience

4:30 pm: End of the event

Looking forward to seeing you:

 Martin Langen
 Robin Huth
 Marcel Dresse
 André Mazloum
 Jens Wehenkel
 Philipp Szelest
 Luis Mercado
 Patrick Nonnen
 Dr. Marcus Schuetz


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