Fire Safety Insights 2016

Fire Safety Insights 2016

  - Industry study for the German fire protection market

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The diverse fire prevention and protection industry provides protected spaces in sub-segments through the use standards and other regulations. At the same time the industry is faced with technical and societal challenges. It is almost exclusively professionals who plan and process fire protection products, therefore, the second issue of the Fire Protection Insights study focuses on their role.

Based on the results of extensive interviews with industry, planners, operators and processors the study encourages discussion on the opportunities and risks of different industries and product areas. In addition to updating the complete study data from 2015, the emphasis is on doors, gates and curtains as well as the segments of the product group smoke extraction / ventilation. Each segment is considered individually and in relation to their market performance.


The study answers the following questions, among others:

• How big is the market for fire prevention and protection products and how is it structured?

• How has the market performed? Which developments will occur in the next three years?

• What challenges are facing the industry?

• What roll do proofs of usability, standards and regulations play in the daily routine of planners and processors?


The study covers the topics of market and competition, daily routine, the future of the daily routine of processing companies, cooperation with industry and trade as well as product trends in fire protection.


Contents of the “Fire Protection Insights 2016“ study

Part I: Analysis of the market structure

• Products in fire prevention and protection

• Market performance and forecast 2013 to 2019

NEW: In-depth consideration of market trends focusing on fire barriers (in doors, gates, curtains) and ventilation / smoke extraction (in NRA, MRD, RDA, dampers and ventilation ducts)

• Number of employees in fire prevention and protection

• Export quotas

Part II: User analysis

• Daily work of planners, operators and processing

• Product manufacturers in focus

• Product trends in fire prevention and protection

• Future perspectives


Fire Protection Insights 2016

Author of the study: Kai-Stefan Beinke

Year of publication: 2016

Format: 29.6 x 20.8 cm

236 pages

price:  1.410,00 € brutto (1.311,30 € netto)

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Review: FeuerTRUTZ Trend 2015
More than 70 participants met on 27 May 2015, in Cologne for the inaugural FeuerTRUTZ trend event to learn about market performance and trends in fire prevention and protection. The KölnSKY venue offered participants magnificent views of Cologne from the 28th floor of the Triangle tower. The joint event from FeuerTRUTZ Network and B + L Marktdaten offered new insights into the fire prevention and protection industry and also included a presentation of the industry study "Fire Protection Insights 2015". Conducted for the first time, the study contains the results of two extensive surveys of manufacturers and users that have been merged for the entire fire prevention and protection industry. The focus was placed on the market structure and on the user analyses. The study also draws on structural data and economic trends and focuses specifically on business involved in fire prevention and protection. 

Foto: © Jennifer Rumbach