Window Innovations 2020

Window Innovations 2020

European Study 

  - What will win out (and where)?


It is the goal of the B+L market study "Window Innovations 2020" to analyze window innovations in the European market up until 2020. The focus is on the question of which innovations will prevail in which countries and which innovations have little chance of developing a strong market position.

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To achieve this goal about 50 interviews were conducted with leading window manufacturing companies per country. Particular emphasis was placed on assessing market penetration and future market potential.

The following countries were analyzed for this study:
  • Austria (AT)
  • Switzerland (CH)
  • Germany (DE)
  • France (FR)
  • Poland (PL)
  • Sweden (SE)
  • Great Britain (UK)
The study results were presented first in September in the Swisspacer symposium and can be ordered as individual country study as well as complete study. Delivery after September 11, 2015, Format: PDF-File.

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1.    Content per country

1.1    Window sales

1.1.1    Window sales until 20201.1.2    Window sales by frame material until 2020

1.1.3    Share of passive house windows    Passive house windows Uw ≤ 0.80 W/(m²K)  

1.1.4    Share of passive house windows by frame material until 2020

1.2    Market opportunities of insulating glass innovations until 2020

1.2.1    Sales of windows with warm edge up to 2020

1.2.2    Sales of bonded windows 2015 plus trend

1.2.4    Development of market opportunities of insulating glass innovations

           ¦    Quadruple Insulating Glass

           ¦    Vakuumglass

           ¦    Energy absorbing glass (g > 0.6)

1.2.5    Sales trends thickness of insulating glass 

           ¦    Share < 44mm

           ¦    Share 44mm bis 52mm

           ¦    Share > 52mm

2.     Analyzed countries<

        ¦    Austria (AT)

        ¦    Switzerland (CH)

        ¦    Germany (DE)

        ¦    France (FR)

        ¦    Poland (PL)

        ¦    Sweden (SE)

        ¦    Great Britain (UK)


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"Window Innovations 2020 - What will win out (and where)?"

Authors of the study: Kai-Stefan Beinke, Elena Mecalova

Released date: 2015


ca. 100 pages for all 7 countries / ca. 15 pages for individual studies

Price:  Country study: € 1.120 / EComplete study (all 7 countries): € 5.980

(all prices before VAT)