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B+L Marktdaten GmbH is a market research company which has been operating Europe-wide since 1994 – its main office is in Bonn, and it continues to grow and expand. We specialise in the sectors relating to the building and property industries, and for over 25 years we have been producing world-wide forecasts for all products in these areas. For this purpose we continuously monitor world-wide construction development, and four times a year we update our 3-year forecasts for more than 70 countries. As well as quarterly data, for the larger countries we also provide regional purchasing power and sales data. Our customers use the forecasts from the B+L Global Building Monitor (GBM) for sales management, and for the strategic assessment of products and markets, as well as for decision making relating to sales, products and investment. We provide data in any desired format for internal company analysis. Increasingly, B+L’s data can flow straight into the planning systems of our customers. Global market leaders such as Knauf, Rockwool, Schüco, Xella and BASF have been putting their trust in B+L’s forecast models for years now.


B+L also offers regional market potentials at the post-code and local area level, and carries out studies on products, countries and target groups, according to the requirements of our customers. Here, the investigation of market and sales opportunities is in the foreground.


Open dialogue and direct communication with our customers is particularly important to us. Extensive and detailed knowledge of the relevant industries and markets in combination with tried and tested research methods mean that we can provide our customers with fast, reliable results – these results can also be integrated directly into customer portals, reports or XLS files. Increasingly, the data can be integrated into Business Intelligence and SAP systems, and therefore can be directly used for the planning process.


Regularly we host the B+L Zukunftsforum where world-wide markets and other current topics are analysed and discussed by participants in the sector.


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