B+L Sanierung 2020

B+L Sanierungsstudie Deutschland 2020

- die aktuelle Untersuchung liegt jetzt vor

The current B+L renovation study 2020 for Germany is available. In line with established topics, we present many new contents and findings. In addition to further measures that we are looking at (such as adding storeys or installing smart home technologies), we continue to differentiate the findings in many areas and provide detailed content, for example with regard to the distinction between optional and mandatory measures, product purchasing or distribution, the scale of the measures (in m², units) or the differences between prefabricated houses and conventionally built houses. Of course, we are continuing the proven series of our refurbishment study and, as in previous years, will show budgets, refurbishment frequencies, professional shares, sources of information and much more in detail for (now) 22 measures. This year the B+L renovation study will be published in its 6th edition, so that we will present many developments over the last 10 years. Of course, current challenges are not left unconsidered: While in the last B+L Reorganization Study we discussed bottlenecks among processors, this year the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences for the German renovation market are in the focus.

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The contents of the 2020 renovation study

1.1 Definition

1.2 Building stock

1.3 The drivers of the renovation market

2.1 Renovation budgets at a glance

2.2 Renovation volume 2020

2.3 Regional distribution of the refurbishers

2.4 Sociodemography of the refurbishers

2.5 Renovation in non-residential construction

In addition to the information on the refurbishment of private property owners, which is the main focus of the study, the excursus provides more detailed information on the frequency of refurbishment, the measures carried out and refurbishment cycles in the housing industry.

4.1 Number of measures

4.2 Postponed measures

4.3 Budgets and volume of measures

4.4 Professional share

5.1 Roof

5.1.1 Measures

5.1.2 Buildings

5.1.3 Renovators (sociodemography)

5.1.4 Budgets

5.1.5 Motivation

5.1.6 Consultants and information sources

5.1.7 Scope of measures, purchasing and product life cycle

5.1.8 Realization of the measures

5.1.9 Importance of product features

5.1.10 Single measures of the roof renovation

5.1.11 Customer journey

5.2 Exterior walls and facades (contents as for roof)

5.3 Windows and external doors (contents as for roof)

5.4 Heating (contents as for roof)

5.5 Floors (contents as for roof)

5.6 Interior doors (contents as for roof)

5.7 Bathroom (contents as for roof)

5.8 Renovation/installation of interior walls (contents as for roof)

5.9 SmartHome

5.9.1 Measures in detail

5.9.2 Buildings

5.9.3 Renovators (sociodemography)

5.9.4 Budgets

The chapter summarizes the core results of the study and provides recommendations for action.

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