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B+L customised studies – exclusive knowledge of specialist markets

In our customised studies, the specified products, countries and target groups are the focus of our research. A key area of focus is the investigation of market and sales opportunities. These are based on extensive primary research in the target countries. B+L’s many years of working together with the industry ensures that the results are presented in a practical way which is relevant for your decision-making.

Reference projects:

Ecological sustainability in the construction industry

The study is dedicated to the development of ecological sustainability with regard to materials, raw materials, pollutants and energy consumption during production or transport in detail and primarily looks at the demand side in the area of ecological and sustainable products.


You can find more information about the study in our study shop.

Window production DE 2024

The connection between the production of windows and the sales of window elements in Germany is steadily becoming weaker. This is due to the increase in imports, especially from Eastern Europe. This study on the production of windows offers reasonable benchmarks to German window manufacturers as well as the entire supply industry.


More studies on the window markets can be found in our Shop.

Multi-dimensional product analysis

In an extensive study B+L investigated the market development for a particular construction material in 60 countries – as well as European countries, the study included Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the USA, South Africa, China, Indonesia, India and South Korea. The analysis was based on interviews and surveys which were conducted with manufacturers, architects and craftsmen with regard to the usage of materials, material thickness and market volumes. This data was then compared to the Building Monitor forecasts, which enabled a product and application-specific trend analysis to be produced. Around 20,500 data sets were generated, and thanks to their high level of detail, as well as country comparisons being possible, a targeted, efficient marketing strategy could be developed.


Forecast models for individual products

Together with a client, B+L has developed a model which functions as a planning instrument for all three levels of sales development – that is, it connects together the yearly, quarterly and regional sales development of a product. The short-term forecast amounts to a period of 3 quarters, and is produced four times a year. The data are then directly incorporated into the production and inventory planning. The medium-term forecasts are for a period of 3 years, and are newly calculated four times a year. The forecast model is based on indicators which have been identified with the help of a factor analysis: e.g. construction permits on a local level, as well as secondary indicators which are relevant to sales (subsidies, utilization rates, weather, etc.). The quarterly and yearly forecasts are thus based on a combination of construction permit development and secondary indicators. Due to regional requirements, the forecasts are also prepared for sales regions and areas.

Competition Analysis

By means of a competition analysis, the product-specific market position of a leading building materials manufacturer was determined in relation to its competitors. The product-specific market size and development were investigated, and other suppliers were identified – also, the respective market shares and distribution channels were also assessed. In addition, significant product-specific technical characteristics were compared for each supplier.
The resulting data thus enabled an assessment of the individual suppliers, as well as the market opportunities based on the technical characteristics, the distribution depth, and the market performance.

Potential Scanning using B+L’s market opportunities survey

A client commissioned B+L to conduct a study on the construction of external walls in multi-storey buildings in over 10 countries. The goal of the study was to forecast the market potentials of an innovative external wall system. More than 1,000 interviews were conducted and then analysed for the study – this was done in order to gain basic data on the preferences, specifications and requirements of architects and other decision-makers. The focus was on the question: how open are decision-makers to a new external wall system? On the basis of country-specific specifications, product trends, and other drivers, using B+L’s ‘Product strength model’ the achievable market potentials were calculated for a period of ten years.

Targeted marketing based on well-informed research

In the context of a study on sawn timber products, B+L calculated the sales figures according to application (garden/outdoors, functional construction garden, terraces/balconies, garden fences/screening, indoors, wall/ceiling indoors, indoor flooring, furniture). The applications were ascertained via face-to-face interviews in DIY stores and specialist building/timber stores. For each distribution channel (selected DIY stores and specialist timber stores), around 100 surveys were carried out for each region: north, south, east and west. In total there were 807 interviews to be analysed (approx. 400 per distribution channel, and approx. 200 per region). Data from the B+L datapool and the results of the face-to-face interviews thus enabled the presentation of the market situation, market developments, and the applications of sawn timber products and sawn timber derived products. Thus, future market opportunities were able to be deduced and appropriate marketing strategies developed.


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